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Good to Start
I just recently started to get back into airsoft and this gun is really ideal. Its light because its ABS, but has the power to match its metal counterparts. Not only that, but it is a good gun to upgrade on. I myself am looking to upgrade some of the internals along with some metal external parts to make it realistic and to make the crane stock fit on better. Even though the gun is ABS the buffer tube is just a cheap plastic and does not have a good fit to the crane stock which wobbles beyond the 3rd extension. Another issue with the crane stock is that the battery can't be installed from the two tabs in the front. Their is no cutaway in the front of the stock allowing the battery's wires to be put in without getting in the way of putting the tabs back on like other crane stocks. The nunchuck battery is also has a short wire so it has to be installed in a very specific way if you want to fully move your stock all the way in and out. I think this is a great gun for people that are new to airsoft, or are coming back and is a good platform to upgrade from.