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Intellect VOLT Universal Battery Airsoft Balance Charger

Product Code: IV-BCHGR-001

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Our take:  This NEW balance charger by Intellect VOLT provides airsoft players with the most efficient, safe, and fast way to charge all main airsoft batteries (NiMH, NiCd, Li-Po, Li-Fe and Li-Ion), with an integrated LiPO balancer!  This dual power balance charger, which features high-strength housing constructed out of metal, maximizes battery life and performance all in one package.

This Intellect VOLT balance charger can charge Lithium-based batteries of up to four cells and ensures that each cell is fully charged, distributing energy evenly.  The B1 Balance Charger will automatically stop charging once the battery is fully charged, and automatically switches to a trickle charging feature, making this charger much safer and more efficient than standard wall chargers.  To prevent overcharging, this charger will also cease to charge once the safety cut-off or capacity cut-off time limit is reached.  Thanks to the integrated LCD screen, which displays monitoring data in real time, you will know exactly when batteries are fully charged: “Full” will display on the screen while an audible 10-second tone will sound.  Additionally, this charger also includes a precision peak detection system and solid state reverse polarity protection for increased safety.

Intellect VOLT designed the B1 Balance Charger for efficiency and safety.  It comes with a built-in microprocessor, guaranteeing precise and accurate charging every single time.  With other smart charges costing more than $100, the B1 Balance Charger by Intellect VOLT shares many of the same features and quality construction for a fraction of the cost!  This charger is fully compatible with NiMH, NiCd and Lithium-based batteries and includes all the necessary cables/adapters to safely maximize battery life!

- High-strength metal housing
- Dual power source input
- Large LCD Screen
- Microprocessor for accurate charging
- Simultaneously charges and balance Lithium-based batteries
- Real-time charging monitoring data
- Compact internal power supply
- Built-in DC input with alligator clips
- Solid state reverse polarity and current overload protection
- Precision peak detection system
- Large button and audible tones for easy setup
- Safely charges NiMH, NiCd and Lithium based batteries

AC Input:  100-240V, 50/60Hz
DC Input:  11-15V
Compatible Battery Types:  1-10S NiCd/NiMH, 1-4S LiPo/LiFe/LiIon, 6-12V PB
Charging Rate:  0.1-4.5 Amps
Charging Power:  45W Max
Battery Capacity:  100-9900 mAh (6000 mAh default)
Safety Shutoff Timer:  150 minutes (default)
NiCd/NiMH Peak Sensitivity:  8MV for NiCd, 5MV for NiMH (default)
Lithium Balancing Accuracy:  5MV per cell
Weight:  16.2oz

Package includes:  B1 Balance Charger, AC input power cable, DC input power cable, Deans plug output cable, Deans to large Tamiya plug adapter, Deans to small Tamiya plug adapter, easy-to-read user manual

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