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0.23G PFORCE Seamless Competition Grade Airsoft BBs - 4350rd BAG

Product Code: PRIMA-BPF23-KG-G

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Our take:  The P-Force JDM-Spec UltraSlicks are the product of cutting-edge Airsoft BB-manufacturing technology. No longer do you have to pay $25+ BUCKS PER BAG for Japanese Domestic Market, or "JDM" high density, high consistency competition grade airsoft BBs. These P-Force BBs are made in Taiwan FOR EXPORT into Japan (hence the Japanese print on the bag), but Airsoft Megastore is lucky enough to have secured a deal with the manufacturer so that these BBs are also available Stateside.

The P-Force 0.23g ultra seamless competition grade airsoft 6mm BBs sport a 30% improvement (on average) in BB spherical consistency and density in comparison to other 0.23g BBs on the market. And because Airsoft Megastore imports in large volumes, you, the consumer get to take full advantage: JDM-spec UltraSlicks made toWD the highest standards at a fraction of what they should sell for. Eliminate barrel jam and increase POWER with these BBs - Made in Taiwan. 4,350 rounds (1KG) come in a sealed bag.

- Seamless and slick design
- Perfect spherical shape
- Compatible with standard airsoft guns


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