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XL GT Model 3.5 Channel QS8005 Coaxial 42" RC Helicopter w/ Gyro + LED Lights - RED

Product Code: JG-42EXL-QS8005-RED

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Our take:  The NEW GT Model QS8005 Coaxial RC Helicopter is highly maneuverable and perfect for all flight enthusiasts from beginners to seasoned flyers.  Unlike 2-channel RC helicopters that only allow you to adjust the main rotor speed and left/right turning ability, this hobby grade helicopter comes with 3.5 channels, giving you the added option for flying forward and backward.  This RC helicopter also offers more control and versatility than cheaper models and is ready to fly right out of the box!

This high grade 42 inch helicopter comes with two main motors that power the dual rotor blades.  There is also a third motor that powers the rear rotor blades, allowing your helicopter to pitch forward and backward.  This hobby grade helicopter is also fully equipped with a built-in gyroscope, preventing excess motion that can make it difficult to fly.  The gyro detects unwanted motion and sends signals to the servo, wired to the main rotor blades, to limit and correct any excess movement.  Flying an RC helicopter without a gyro can be extremely difficult which is why the GT Model QS8005 is perfect for novice and advanced RC operators.  These features improve the overall control of the helicopter, making flights smooth and stable.

The rotor blades boast a durable rubber construction and are 24 inches in diameter, providing incredible stability during flight.  With an approximate flight time of 15 to 20 minutes, this RC helicopter is powered by a rechargeable 11.1V Lithium Ion battery and offers an effective transmitter distance of approximately 50 meters.  Equipped with external lights that can also be toggled on/off directly from the 27MHz transmitter, you can easily track the RC helicopter in all lighting conditions.  Additionally, the padded skids provide for soft landings on hard surfaces.  All RC helicopter enthusiasts, especially beginners, will find that the GT Model QS8005 Coaxial RC Helicopter is an extremely stable helicopter that is ready to fly right out of the box!

- 3.5 channel radio (throttle, yaw, pitch, lights)
- Coaxial rotor design
- Built-in gyroscope
- Tail rotor blades
- Durable rubber rotor blades
- Balance bar

Rotor diameter:  609mm
Length:  1050mm
Height:  360mm
Weight:  930g
Main Motors:  Twin (2X) 390
Tail Motor:  N50
Battery:  11.1V, 1500mah (Deans Connector)
Radio:  3.5 Channel, 27MHz

Fuselage color:  RED

Note:  Eight (8) AA batteries (not included) power the RC transmitter and must be installed for the RC helicopter to function properly.

RC Helicopter Package includes:  Helicopter, transmitter, Lithium Ion battery, charger (w/ adapter), spare blades(main and rear), screw, instruction manual

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