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53" GT Model QS8006 3.5 Channel RTF RC GYRO Helicopter XXL - BLUE w/ Transmitter + LiPO Battery

Product Code: JG-53EXL-QS8006-2-BL

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Our take:  Have you dreamed of zipping across the sky in a high speed helicopter?  The new QS8006-2 RC (Remote Control) Helicopter is perfect for indulging your love of flight, and comes ready to fly right out of the box (minor assembly required).  This 3.5 channel helicopter is great for beginner, intermediate, and advanced RC pilots; and provides a smooth and stable flight thanks to its built-in Gyroscope.  Controlling the helicopter is extremely fun and easy, with fully functional throttle, pitch, and rudder (yaw) controls, allowing you to easily pilot the helicopter in a variety of settings.   This large 53” inch helicopter is great for both indoor and outdoor flying, and has a maximum range of fifty meters!  No matter where your RC skill level stands, the QS8006-2 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter is sure to provide you with an exhilarating flying experience!

Premium Quality Construction:
The QS8006-2 RC Helicopter is crafted from lightweight and durable polymer, designed to absorb minor impacts from rough landings.  Reinforced and foam padded landing skids also help to alleviate minor impacts, relieving the stress of learning to pilot the helicopter.  The tail boom of this RC helicopter is made from full metal, which provides added stability and makes the helicopter much easier to control.  Super bright LED lights illuminate the helicopter in low light environments, and allow you to easily fly the helicopter at night!  What truly sets this helicopter apart from other RC helicopters on the market is its large size, measuring over 50 inches!  This helicopter is also compatible with many aftermarket upgrade and replacement parts, allowing you to modify your helicopter as your skills progress!

Easy to Fly Features:
Equipped with an integrated gyroscope, the QS8006-2 RC Helicopter is one of the most easy to fly large scale helicopters on the market!  Beginners can take comfort in the Low speed and sensitivity setting, which makes the helicopter much easier to handle for someone unaccustomed to RC operations.  Advanced RC operators can utilize the high speed and sensitivity setting which make the helicopter more responsive and provides additional throttle for faster flight!  Another feature that makes this helicopter incredibly easy to pilot is its coaxial rotor which provides greater lift, while minimizing tail spin.  The pitch of the helicopter is controlled by the horizontal tail rotor, powered by a small servo motor, which angles the nose of the helicopter downwards for faster forward flight.  With a full range of controls, variable sensitivity settings, and an integrated gyroscope, the QS8006-2 RC Helicopter is perfect for every type of RC helicopter pilot!

Unlike cheaper RC Helicopters which are difficult to control and feature only two control channels, the QS8006-2 helicopter is extremely easy to pilot and is much more fun to fly than a cheap two channel RC helicopter.  Whether you are a novice or an expert RC operator, you are sure to have a blast with this NEW 3.5 channel, gyroscope equipped RC helicopter!  This premium RC Helicopter comes with everything you need to fly the helicopter right out of the box, including a 27MHz (megahertz) RC transmitter, a 14.8v LiPO battery, charger and instruction manual!

- “Ready to Fly” right out of the box!
- 3.5 Channel controls (pitch, throttle, and rudder/ yaw)
- Included 3.5 channel 27MHz RC transmitter
- Variable speed and sensitivity settings (High/ Low)
- Integrated gyroscope
- Coaxial rotors for improved stability
- Perfect for indoor and outdoor flying (not recommended for windy/ inclement weather flying)
- Lightweight and durable external structure
- Included 3.5 channel transmitter
- Included 14.8v LiPO battery w/ wall charger
- 4x Extra helicopter rotors/ blades
- Standard brushed motor
- Compatible with aftermarket replacement/ upgrade parts

Rotor Diameter:  609mm
Length: 1300mm
Height:  375mm
Weight: 1270g
Main Motors:  Twin (2x) 390
Tail Motor: N50
Battery:  14.8V, 1500 mAh (Deans Connector)
Charger:  4S Balance, 1A Output Charger, AC adapter included
Radio:  3.5 Channel, 27MHz
Range:  80-100M (250 – 350ft)

Fuselage Color:  BLUE

Eight (8) AA batteries (NOT INCLUDED) power the 3.5 Channel Transmitter (remote), and must be installed for the RC helicopter to function properly.

RC Helicopter Package Includes:  Helicopter, Transmitter, 14.8V LiPO battery, LiPO balance wall charger, 4x EXTRA rotor blades, 1x EXTRA Tail rotor, Hardware, small screw driver, instruction manual

  Minor assembly IS REQUIRED. This RC Helicopter comes in two parts, the fuselage section and the tail section, which must be attached before flight.  Please refer to the included instruction manual for proper installation of the tail section.  Also, the transmitter requires 8x AA batteries for operation which are NOT INCLUDED.

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