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G-Force Airsoft M9 Rubber Blade Training Knife Bayonet - BLACK

Product Code: GF-TK-001

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Our take:  The NEW G-Force M9 Training Bayonet is a durable rubber training knife that is perfect for practicing disarming techniques and airsoft use.  This training knife, which is a replica of the one issued by the U.S. Army during the Persian Gulf War, features a 6.5-inch, clip-point blade and mimics the design of the military sawed teeth blade.  The M9 bayonet sports a solid rubber construction that provides for safe and durable use in training applications and features a thick, knurled handle that that gives you a secure grip.  As an added benefit, this training bayonet can easily affix to most M4A1 or M16-style rifles, giving your AEG a more aggressive and intimidating appearance.  Thanks to an included knife sheath that features a mock attachment used for wire cutting, you can comfortably store your training knife, while still being able to deliver silent “knife kills” at the ready without harming your opponent.  Overall, the rubber blade allows you to safely practice disarming techniques and hand-to-hand knife combat, maintaining safety and durability.  If you’re looking for a training knife to hone your disarming techniques or an airsoft accessory that you can ultimately attach on your AEG as a mock melee weapon, G-Force’s M9 Training Bayonet is your best option!

- Easily affixes to M4A1 and M16-style AEGs
- Clip-point, rubber blade
- Sheath with tactical belt attachment
- Knurled handle grip
- Solid injection mold construction
- Mock sawed teeth
- Full scale size

Construction:  Santoprene Rubber
Weight:  8 oz.
Blade Length:  6.5” in.
Handle Length:  5” in.
Overall Length:  11.5” in.

Color: BLACK

Package includes:  Rubber training knife, tactical sheath

  NEVER jab or poke any person or animal with this tactical training knife. Always wear eye protection and appropriate safety equipment when training.  NEVER display this training knife openly in public.  Check your local laws and regulations regarding the use of training knives.

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