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Operation Dragons Keep II 2017 Registration - Guernsey, Wyoming - Sept 16-17


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The war continues to tear destruction and chaos throughout the world. Civilian casualties have reached a record high after Operation Medusa. General Glover of the Republic forces has moved his focus onto a new objective. The Dragons Keep in North-Western India. The 35th Royal Tyrant Brigade, a Republic force, has been in a stalemate with the separatist DOW (Dogs of War). For the last two years the two forces have traded blow for blow. They gain ground only to lose it a few days later. It is a standstill line, but one that must be kept. If the Republic loses the area, the Separatists armies will be able to claim the precious gold mines situated in the area. If the Separatists are defeated, the Republic forces will be able to use it as an invasion point into the middle east. In the Republic base of Dragons Keep, a high-ranking intelligence officer is trying to make an exit. During the fray, his helicopter is shot down. Both Separatist forces and Republic forces are desperate to get to him, as intel he has could change the outcome of the war. A local CMD force has moved its way into the area to attempt to keep the civilian population safe.

Dragons Keep must not fall. The gold gathered from the surrounding area finances our machines of war, and those are things we cannot afford to lose. Maintain the SAM sites, gather gold crates, scrounge for ammunition/supplies, and hold the line. Rescue our intelligence officer, Jeremiah Graythorn, who’s helicopter crash landed somewhere in No Man’s land. Now, General Glover has come to our aid, and our chances of victory have never been so assured. Victory for the Republic, is our only goal.

Those foolish dogs think that they are secure in their keep. It is time for us to show them the true fighting force of the Separatists! They think their esteemed General can help them, but they aren’t the only ones bringing in their finest. Flynn Borosov, veteran of both Jackal conflicts, and victor at IED village, has come to our aid. Even more to our benefit, their intelligence officer, Graythorn, has been shot out of his birdy in the sky. If we claim him, it could mean the end of the war. It’s time to take the offensive, and cut off their supplies. We are the DOW, and we cannot fail!

When: Sat, September 16-17th, 2017
Where: Camp Guernsey Joint Center, Wyoming
Price: $100 Per Player .
Deadline to Buy Tickets: Aug 27th, 2017 at Midnight


-- Evolution style Milsim event.
-- Uniform required by squad of choice: Republic - Tan Uniforms / Separatists - Green Uniforms .
-- Fully sealed eye-pro required.

REGISTER TODAY! (Event slots are limited)

NOTE: This event is organized by JTAC. More information can be found at the JTAC FAQs Page.

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