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Operation Medusa 2017 Registration - Bolivar, Missouri - Nov 11-12

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After a long and harsh winter, the Republic now believes the long-lasting stalemate is finally drawing to a close. With their success at Jackal 2 new supply lines from the Himalayans have replenished their supplies of ammunitions, vehicles, and rejuvenated their spirits. It’s time to push into Separatist country and bring the fight to them. The 23rd Colorado Infantry, a new division of the Republic, is leading an assault upon the city of New Kabul, the new capital of former Afghanistan. There the Separatists await in their stronghold. The local police force is known to only tolerate the Separatists. With a bit of convincing, and possible bribery, gaining their allegiance, as well as the locals, is possible. Claim their land, claim their resources, claim their lives, and drive them back to the hole from whence they came.

My friends. We have suffered many defeats over the last year, but worry not. Our spirit is not crushed, and our weapons are not broken. There is fight in us yet! Our spies inform us that the Republic hounds are coming to bray at our doorsteps, and we will show them that their leash is still tight in our grip. This is our land, these are our people, and they cannot take from us what we have rightly held for years. Our comrades in Asia have sent us a garrison of troops, the VFF (Vietnamese Freedom Force) to help support New Kabul. It is our stronghold in the middle east, and must not be allowed to fall. Be wary of Amon Jabar, the leader of the police force. He is known to be problematic, and may be swayed by the Republic. Maintain the loyalty the people have shown to us thus far! Dig in deep my friends. Check your scopes, fill your mags, and watch each other’s backs. The war is coming to us.

When: Sat, Nov 11-12th, 2017
Where: The Rock Airsoft Bolivar, Missouri
Price: $100 Per Player .
Deadline to Buy Tickets: Oct 29, 2017 at Midnight


-- Evolution style Milsim event.
-- Uniform required by squad of choice: Republic - Tan Uniforms / Separatists - Green Uniforms .
-- Fully sealed eye-pro required.

REGISTER TODAY! (Event slots are limited)

NOTE: This event is organized by JTAC. More information can be found at the JTAC FAQs Page.

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