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Lancer Tactical Premium Battery Smart Charger for 6-12V NiMH/NICD

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Our take: Anyone who owns an AEG rifle relies heavily on the products they use to recharge their batteries. Essentials like standard wall chargers, continue to charge even after they have been unplugged. The Lancer Tactical version of the Smart Charger on the other hand, uses a dynamic Intelli-IC chip to constantly monitor and control the charge going into your battery pack.

This smart charger universally charges NiMH and NiCD airsoft batteries faster than your stock wall chargers. Producing superior quality charging, Lancer Tactical has devised a way to completely charge your AEG batteries in just half of the time it takes standard wall chargers to do.

Product works well with 6V - 12V NiCD and/or NiMH battery packs; adjustable charging rate (0.90A or 1.80A). For mini and large type batteries (come with all battery connectors and cables). Good quality and finish. The battery automatically shuts off if sensor detects a short circuit or once its fully charged.

Make Lancer Tactical Premium Universal Battery Smart Charger as your primary source of power for AEGs.

- Universally charges NiMH and NiCD airsoft batteries faster than standard wall chargers.
- Small and Large Type Tamiya battery connectors are included in the package.
- Smart charger can be plugged into any standard wall socket.
- Current levels have two charging settings.
- Compatible with most 6v to 12v airsoft batteries.
- Prolongs battery life by preventing overheating.
- Battery automatically shuts off if sensor detects a short circuit or once its fully charged.
- Lightweight and simple to use.

Compatible Battery Chemistry: NiMH/ NiCD
Input Voltage: 100-240V AC (Compatible with most standard wall sockets)
Charging Voltage Range: 6V - 12V
Rated Charging Current Levels: 1000mA +/- 100mA(1A Shift); 2000mA +/- 200mA(2A Shift)
Trickle Charging Current: 100mA (1A Shift); 200mA (2A Shift)
Weight: 0.65 lbs
Length: 4.5"
Width: 2.25"
Height: 1.375"

LED Indicators:

No Battery: Flashing Green
Charging: Solid Red
Fully Charged: Solid Green
Reverse Polarity: Flashing Red
Non-Rechargeable: Flashing Red

Package Includes:
1x Universal Smart Charger, 1x Large to Small Tamiya Adapter, 1x Tamiya to Alligator Clip Adapter, Instruction Manual

Color: BLUE

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