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5KU Airsoft AUG Upgrade Air Seal Nozzle w/ Internal O-ring

Product Code: 5KU-PTS-012

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Our take: 5KU's performance air seal nozzle is a great, inexpensive way to upgrade your AEG's performance. Performance air nozzles allow for better air compression, ultimately leading to more power for your AEG. Typically, doing an air seal nozzle replacement/upgrade, using a performance part such as this one, will allow for an increase of 10-30 FPS in shooting performance.

For reference, many stock AEGs come with air nozzles that do not include an O-Ring to enhance compression, thus resulting in a loss of compression and subsequently a loss of power. This Element performance air nozzle does utilize an O-Ring, and thus with installation organically increases power without causing more wear and tear (like many other power upgrades do).

As with all internal Airsoft upgrades, professional installation is highly recommended. Airsoft Megastore is not responsible for any problems that may occur when installing this factory upgrade part.

Compatibility: Fits (most) AUG metal gearbox AEGs

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