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Airsoft Deltaforce KSR Full Size SMG with Electronic Red Dot Scope

Product Code: DE-M30GL

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Our take:  This Airsoft DeltaForce Tactical KSR Full Size SMG with Electronic Red Dot Scope is one of the nicest, most solid airsoft spring SMGs to come from DE Arms. Sporting a full size, 1:1 scale and durable ABS components, this KSR is both realistic and powerful.  A great spring SMG that is perfect for backyard target practice or for use as a sidearm, it comes with a small pack of bbs as well, along with a functional electronic scope that works as well as it looks.  Manufactured by DE Arms. With power and accuracy that is above most average for most spring airsoft pistols and SMGs, this KSR is one of the best-valued airsoft SMGs available on the market.

NOTE:  This spring gun is not recommended for field use.  This airsoft gun shoots at a low muzzle velocity and is not built to endure heavy gameplay.  While this airsoft gun is perfect for backyard skirmishes, or as a movie prop or collectible, we recommend that you browse through our Basic Series AEGs page for our full selection of field-ready guns.  You will find a wide variety of automatic electric guns on this page, including inexpensive AEGs perfect for new players.

BB type:  0.12g seamless BBs
Power:  200-260 FPS (feet per second)
Package includes:  KSR, magazine, red dot scope, small pack of BBs
Manufacturer:  DE Arms

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